Video Doorbell Installation

Best Video Doorbell Installation Service in Columbus OH & Surrounding Areas!

Video doorbells are a great security solution for both families and small businesses. Video doorbells can be a deterrent to the theft of packages delivered to a home’s doorstep and also to home burglaries. Smart doorbells are even helpful for checking up on children arriving home from school each day. At MyLink Tech Services, our group of master electrical technicians can introduce commercial and residential video doorbell installation to assist with working on home and business wellbeing and security. We provide authorized, dependable, and certified video doorbell installation service, which guarantees on giving only excellent administrations that leave our clients 100% fulfilled. Our mission is to provide affordable video doorbell installation. To secure individuals’ homes and organizations so they can live effectively with peace of mind and without fearing wrongdoing, and theft at their place.

What Are the Best Video Doorbells?

While we can’t say which video doorbell system is best, we do have a few that we recommend.  Many of today’s video doorbells come with a great app that allows you to monitor, record, and speak through your video doorbell system. According to CNET, the top overall rated video doorbell system is the Arlo Video Doorbell. While all video doorbells offer a good mix of functionality between the doorbell feature and security, not all rank the same in the level of quality. While CNET rates Arlo the best video doorbell, our personal choice is Ring.  Depending on the speed of your internet, you can receive high-quality videos on the Ring app in 1080p resolution. This is the most common video doorbell we have installed, and the process is very simple.  We can do this or any video doorbell quickly for all of our customers.

How Long Do Video Doorbell Batteries Last?

If you have your video doorbell installed with just the battery, you can expect it to last 6 to 12 months.  These batteries are in the neighborhood of $20 and are usually rechargeable with long-lasting charges.  The one thing to keep in mind with this time range is how often your alerts will go off.